Frontend Developer

at Wipro

30/05/2022 - Present

1.5 Years of experience in Frontend development

– Developing frontend components using React and Redux.
– Designing user interfaces for apps and websites.
– Testing the use cases.
– Designing UI for applications.

Skills: Html, CSS, JavaScript, React JS, Next JS, Redux , Figma and Git

React JS Intern

at Exposys Data Lab

02/10/2021 - 01/11/2021

1 Month Internship in Frontend Development

– Designed and built a fully responsive multipage website using React and Firebase.
– Implemented a user-friendly design to encourage users to spend less time on their screens.
– Simplified complex areas in the project to enhance user experience.

Skills: React JS , Firebase , Bootstrap

I'm Digital Creator on YouTube

I Do VFX Tutorials on YouTube

I’m Amogh Kanade from AK Motions YouTube Channel. If you want to create amazing logo and title animations then follow my tutorials , I will teach you the smartest and simple way to make amazing Motion Graphics, VFX, 3D Environment creation and Video Editing.

Software’s which I use After Effects, Premiere Pro , Unreal Engine, Blender and Cinema 4D.


My Amazing Works

Design is Life

I Develop Skills Regularly to Keep Me Updated

React JS
Next JS
Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshop
After Effects and Premiere Pro
Unreal Engine
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